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My History:


After nearly 26 years as a licensed Realtor & Broker from Hawaii, to California & Florida, then ending in Maryland, Pennsylvania & Delaware, I retired in 2011. I started on the Commercial side and ended in Residential, and have worked with all types of clients. When I retired in 2011, I firmly believed I was going to enjoy being retired, but within 6 months, I started to get restless. I knew I didn't want to go back to Real Estate per se and as much as I enjoyed doing nothing when I wanted to, there were more days that I just needed to do something.


By chance, I ran into an old friend on a trip back to California in 2012 and she mentioned how she needed an assistant but wasn't sure where to start. I offered up my suggestions on what was important in hiring one, I even suggested a virtual assistant, as I had utilized one for the last 5 years in business.  She then asked me if I'd be interested in helping her out. At first, I laughed, but as we talked further, she convinced me that I'd be perfect. I knew the business, how to utilize technology, was a whiz at marketing (her wording), knew how to interact with clients, vendors, lenders, etc. She said that, it would be an easy shift for me, and who knows it might become my next chapter.

Well, fast-forward nearly 11 years and it's become my next chapter.  I've been a virtual assistant, transaction management coordinator, web & graphic designer, and social media manager, all through referrals. Helping mostly friends and referrals from those friends, much like I ran my Real Estate career.


What makes me Unique?


What I think makes me unique and perfect in helping Realtor's take their business to the next level, or just help them out getting those tasks done, is that not only have I had a successful Real Estate career, for over 26 years, and longer if you count my mother dragging me along on her real estate acquisitions, but I also started and ran a successful internet hosting and design firm from 1994-2004 (ICU Global, Inc.). So not only do I know Real Estate and what Real Estate Professionals need and want, but I understand the technological side. I know about websites, graphic design, SEO, social media. etc. I also held the Tech Chair for the ALC in my former Keller Williams Realty office. I was the go-to person to get all incoming agents up and running with their websites, helping them to understand the tech tools they had at their disposal. I also gave my opinion on systems that could or couldn't work for integration into our office, along with assisting with setting up and holding training seminars.  


In closing, I am able to take two of my passions as they relate to business and meld them together to offer assistance to Real Estate Professionals. Helping them with those tasks, that although important, aren't money-making tasks. Not the tasks that nurture your existing and new clients.  Having me as part of your team helps you get back to doing what you do best!


 & Let me do the rest!

So Thankful

"Alisa came to me just over 5 years ago as a referral from another local agent. In the past 5+ years she has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. Each year since she’s been what I call my Client Care Manager, she has been there to handle pretty much all aspects of all my transactions as well as marketing. Every year until this year, my sales volume by 10-15%, but this year my sales volume increased over 20% from last year & I know that I would not have been able to do it without her. I know without doubt that when I hand over a transaction over to her, that I need not worry that she will ensure to stay on top of all the deadlines. Keeping in contact not just with my clients, but with all parties (co-op agent, title/escrow agents & lenders), to ensure we are all working together to get to settlement. She even texts me to tell me how far I am away from my next sales volume goal & encourages me towards it. Really, so thankful for her."

Jean O.

Baltimore - Realtor


Let’s Start Working Together!

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